Let the waiting begin

Hello to our faithful followers. It is few and far between that I write full blogs regarding our journey. Most of the last year has been stop and go as we complete paperwork, medical and psychological evaluations, attend parenting classes, etc. It is hard for me to know what is big enough news to write an entire post. Oftentimes, things would be moving forward, but they felt as though we were standing still. We would submit paperwork only to find out the government shutdown has put it on hold, or somewhere in transit part of our paperwork was lost, or political unrest in Haiti postponed our dossier submission. I keep telling myself that even though this is taking so much longer than I was hoping, it is all in God’s timing. I believe that the hiccups, pauses, roadblocks and bumps are all part of His design to receive the child He has (or is or has yet to) created for us to parent.

All that being said, we do have some news. Our dossier was officially submitted and accepted by the Haitian government as of this week! This means we are now registered and on the wait-list for our child. The timeline for a match is murky – especially considering the political climate right now. It could be up to 4 years before we are matched. It typically takes about a year to finalize everything in the Haitian legal system before he or she could even come home. We are praying for our child, for the care givers, for the leaders of the country, for every hand that touches our paperwork and every eye that reads our dossier. Jordan and I ask that you join us in prayer.

In other news, Jordan and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we took a family trip to Australia and stopped in Hawaii on our way back. It was an amazing trip. We had family pictures taken at the Sydney Opera House and Botanical Gardens. I love how the pictures turned out and all the memories we made. I love being Sadie’s mom and watching Jordan be her dad. I cannot wait to see her be a big sister. We have so much love in our little family and look forward to adding another little one to love on and include in incredible experiences.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by purchasing corn this summer. We were beyond blessed and your generosity helped us pay to get our dossier submitted to Haiti among other expenses. If you or anyone you know have suggestions or fundraising ideas, please send them our way. They can message us via our Facebook page.

I cannot express how much it means to me that you have followed us on this journey. I so appreciate when you ask how things are going, pray for us and encourage us. I anxiously look forward to the day I get to tell you that we have a match.

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