He is Risen!

My sin was great, your Love was greater.
Today, I reflect on the beautiful gift we have been given. I was condemned at the very beginning of my existence. My fate when I leave this world was sealed – I would be separated from God for eternity. Tortured, hopeless and alone. But eternal praise to God, I can now claim the life that Jesus gave. I can call God my Father.
He didn’t abandon us. He did not cast us out. He did not leave us for death to claim. He came to earth, lived a holy and perfect life as a man. Then, he was beaten, bled, spit on, humiliated, nailed to a cross and hung to die as people watched and mocked him. Still, even as He hung on the cross, He turned to the criminal next to Him and offered him a spot in heaven. Think about that for just a second. As Jesus was dying and in unspeakable pain, He was still thinking of how much He loves us. He felt His true Father turn away. He descended into Hell for three days- that means He was completely separated from God, His Father, Love in itself. Three days. Isolated. Alone. Suffering.
But on that third day, He broke free from Hell. Jesus rose from Death. He suffered and overcame the punishment that was to be mine. He lived holy for me, so that I may live wholly for Him.
I am a child of God- all powerful, all-knowing, beginning and end, lion and lamb, King of Kings, Prince of Peace, everlasting Lord of all creation. That brings me to my knees. He chose me. He adopted me as His child. He knows every part of me, who I am, what I have done or didn’t do, my weaknesses and strengths, fears, hopes, dreams. And He loves me that much and unconditionally. There is nothing I can do to make Him stop loving me. And there is nothing in heaven or earth that can change that or separate me from His love.
I am so looking forward to experiencing adoption. I want to adopt not only to show a child unconditional love and welcome him/her into our family, but because God adopted me. “We love because He first loved us.” I want to love because he loved me enough to make the ultimate sacrifice to make me His child. I know that this process is going to demand a cost or sacrifice. Right now, it demands time, money and physical labor to prepare our home for the home study. It will demand trust, patience, love and risk of painful heartbreak. Thinking of all the sacrifices I have to make is intimidating. Sometimes I see Jesus in the garden asking God to find another way, to make it easier. My sacrifices pale vastly in comparison. Yet, seeing that even as He struggled with the cost, He followed through. Because He loves us. So even though I see the cost for our child, we are going to push through and bring him/her home. Because we already love him or her.
We are so grateful for the way God has already been moving in our adoption. We know that every trial, every step, he is preparing us for His calling, as well as preparing our child for us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us financially, spiritually or even an encouraging word. God is using you to show us His power.
Praise be to our Savior, Jesus Christ as we celebrate His resurrection. I know my Redeemer lives, and I know I am loved. May you see God in big ways in your lives.

Love, Mandi


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