Why Bulgaria

We began our vigorous search for a country to adopt from about three months ago. Bulgaria was not even on our radar ā€“ Eastern Europe in general was not the region we were primarily interested in. Each country that has international adoption sets its own requirements regarding the eligibility of potential parents. The majority of the countries we were originally interested in ruled us out because their age requirement is 30 years old minimum. From there, we had to rule out any countries that have a particularly long in-country travel time- meaning some countries require parents to live in country for 6 weeks to as much as 6 months or longer. We decided this was not a good option for us.


After sorting through many other qualifications, we had landed on Thailand as our best option. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen stipulation, we were rejected. This was a hard blow to us. Weeks of searching and it was wall after wall. To say I was discouraged is an understatement. But I had a friend remind me that this whole process is going to be difficult. We are going to come up against roadblocks and closed doors. However, this is a God-ordained duty. To care for the orphans. It will not be an easy road, but we must keep pressing on.

We prayed and continued our search for the right country. And God led us to Bulgaria. Our application has been accepted and we are in a waiting period right now to start our home study.

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